Why named Warblers at Trinity?

Trinity is a haven for warblers, especially during the summer when these migratory birds are most active. The mix of coastal regions, dense forests, and wetlands provides up to five varieties of warbler birds with a rich array of food sources and nesting sites. Warblers you may see include:

  • Yellow: Known for their bright yellow feathers and sweet songs, often found near wetlands and thickets.
  • Black-and-White: Distinguished by their black-and-white stripes, these birds can be seen creeping along tree trunks in search of insects.
  • Common Yellowthroat: These masked warblers frequent dense, shrubby areas and are known for their distinctive song.
  • Magnolia: Noted for their striking black-and-yellow markings, often found at forest edges.
  • American Redstart: Energetic birds with males sporting black and orange plumage, seen flitting through trees and fanning their tails.

Named after the captivating warblers that grace this area, our destination offers three homes designed to immerse you in the sights and sounds of warblers and the serene beauty of Trinity Bay.

Purposefully chosen and carefully curated homes.

Designed by Southcott award-winning artist and architect Frank Lapointe and brought to life by custom home builder Sweet Lumber, each of the three homes is modelled after the traditional Newfoundland Salt Box style house on the outside and has all of the modern amenities on the inside.

Nothing at Warblers is by chance. Everything from the location to the design and decor has been purposefully chosen and carefully curated.

Our story.

We are Amanda and Bill - seasoned explorers, avid travellers of unique destinations and design-forward places, lovers of history, good wine, our beloved labradors, and the faces behind Warblers.

As hosts of a highly curated lake home in Haliburton, Ontario, for almost two decades, we decided to move and set up a new, more expansive offering on the waters of Trinity Bay in 2022. Exclusive in 2024, we’ll be sharing the first home for shoots by request only. The other homes will be available for stays in 2025.

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Why Trinity?

We chose Trinity due to its enchanting, almost magical ambiance. It’s a place that feels like a step back in time thanks to its UNESCO and historic designation, and like Amanda’s family history, ties back to England and Ireland.

Here, we’ve found not just a destination but a community, welcoming us with open arms. We’ve made many new friends, both locals and those with historic ties that come back each year.